Ustad Faiyaz Khan

Ustad Faiyaz Khan (1880-1950), popularly called "Aftab-e-Mausiqui", was "the ultimate flowering of the genius of the Agra or Rangila Gharana." His musical lineage goes back to Tansen himself. He received his training in dhrupad singing from his grand father, Ghulam Abbas Khan and in dhamar from his grand uncle, Ustad Kallan Khan; both were leading musicians of the Rangila gharana. His music was a fine blend of intelligence, imagination and emotion. His repertoire ranged from dhrupad to khayal to thumri, ghazals and even bhajans. Faiyaz Khan composed many songs under the pseudonym "Prem Piya" and contributed many songs to Bhatkhande? Kramik Pustakmala. He was honoured with the Sangeet Churamani Award by the Lucknow Music conference, Sangeet Saroj from Allahabad and Gyan Ratna by the Baroda Darbar.